Monday, January 27, 2014

Electronic Cigarettes: Is It Harmful For Your Heart?

According to the first study on the effect of smokinge-cigarettes on heart function, electronic cigarettes are not bad for your heart. You can find many ecigs review to see the feedback.

If you examine the device inside, it contain battery-powered cartridge that trigger the effect of smoking by heating the flavored-nicotine liquid into vapor, which is helpful to smokers who are trying to get rid of their habit, says Konstantinos Farsalinos, MD, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens, Greece.

The hazard linked with cigarette smoking presently suggests that electric cigarettes are less harmful and by switching it from the traditional tobacco may be beneficial to health.

E-cigarettes are the only smoking device that helps an individual satisfy both sides of their addiction: the craving for nicotine chemical and the “psychological addiction” which makes you want to have something in your hand, lighting it and inhaling and exhaling it. You can get more info here about ecigs.

Although e-cigarettes have been invented by a Chinese pharmacist in 2003, it is now a worldwide boom where many people all over world are using as an alternative to smoking. The World Health Organization however is still studying on their effects on human health.

The e-cigarettes do not have thousands of harmful chemical, besides nicotine, unlike the traditional tobacco. The device can also be used indoors and it will not affect other people surrounds you, it is because the smoke does not contain chemical but purely vapors.

There are still much to be learned about e-cigarettes’ health risks and their effect on people around you. Some places in New York City and other cities and workplaces have exempted e-cigarettes in a non-smoking area. 

The FDA is still deciding whether or not it is proper to establish ordinances for e-cigarettes. Will it protect the health and safety of American citizens? Are they dangerous to health and federal regulation? Time will tell.

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